We are not selling a product!   We are selling a kind of art style!


A fluid art that you can't the same in That, we always call " Abstract Painting " Enjoy the art that you couldn't be expected, create a picture you never imagined.
anywhere. Those textures, color, pattern are quince, one of a kind.

agape design ltd.


Hong Kong's first resin art brand

Resin Wood Art 樹脂藝術

一件藝術品 · 一件樹脂藝術家品

ArT Is LiFe


樹脂工藝畫"Abstract Fluid Printing"

Studio / showroom 地址(可預約參觀):

Room H, 14/F, International Industrial Centre, 2 Kwei Tei Street, Fo Tan, HK


Tel : +852 6675 6167

Email : rolland0563@hotmail.com

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