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Rolland Cheung First solo exhibition 張滙希首個個人畫展


Settle : wind, tender and speed

Time flies too fast? I wish there were 25 hours in a day? Hurry up...time is running short!

Albert Einstein said : "Time is not condition of existence, time is an illusion."

Time and space is a model for thinking, but humans are always struggling against time.  "Settle" yourself and into the paintings to experience your own time zone, a time of forgetting time. Using the wind, tender and speed to paint the time of memories.



愛因斯坦說: 時間只是持續存在的幻覺,時間和空間只是一種思考模式。



展覽日期/時間 Exhibition Period

5 May - 21 May 2023, 12:00pm - 7:00pm

場地 Exhibition Venue

@Parallel Space Gallery

202 Tai Nan St, Sham Shui Po  深水埗大南街202號地下

148cm x 85cm-01.jpg
《柔軟》"the tender"    2022    Resin on wood   148cm x 85cm 
《花蕊》"flourish"    2016    Resin on wood    30cm dia. 

Presented by Agape Design Limited (Hong Kong's first resin art brand), the first solo exhibition of Rolland Cheung in Hong Kong. The theme of the exhibition is about time, showcasing Rolland's three latest large-scale resin art pieces and twenty pieces mixed media resin works. Also, He special present a “new media” digital art installation and combined with unique interior setup experiences. Rolland first times showcase his earliest work from 2016 - "flourish", which is the only piece has been preserved.


Rolland Cheung founded agape design ltd in 2018, which is Hong Kong's first resin art brand with extensive media coverage. He has collaborated with well-known brands such as the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Marriott, K11, Hong Kong Jockey Club, HK property developers…etc. Focus on large-scale resin art paintings and installations. Recently, he created large-scale paintings and restaurant art concept for some of the Mirror’s members, making Rolland widely known by the public.


The Rolland Cheung first solo exhibition - “Settle: Wind, Tender and Speed", explores the theme of time as a human construct. It combines unique spatial design and music to achieve an ethereal state that to “sattle” and into the paintings. The exhibition hall is divided into three areas: "Wind," "Tender," and "Speed," representing the essence and stages of three types of time. It combines Western philosophy, Japanese aesthetics幽玄, and Chinese aesthetics留白, with resin art as the main medium. The exhibition aims to inspire visitors to reflect on and explore the authenticity of time, to refresh your life.


由agape design limited (香港首個樹脂畫藝術品牌)呈獻,舉行Rolland Cheung張滙希香港首個個人畫展。是次畫展以時間為主題,展示Rolland最新的三件大型樹脂藝術畫作,及二十件混合媒體作品;結合電子裝置藝術,及場地獨特體驗設計。當中更首次展出Rolland最初期2016年畫作,是唯獨仍然保留下來的作品。


Rolland Cheung於2018年創立agape design ltd,是香港首個樹脂畫藝術品牌。曾與台北故宮博物院、Marriott、新世界發展、香港賽馬會、各大發展商等知名品牌合作,將樹脂ResinArt運用於室內空間及大型藝術品上。2018年於台北舉行個人展畫,受到海外關注。近期更為Mirror部分成員製作大型畫作及餐廳藝術設計,因而廣為大眾認識。


是次Rolland Cheung首個個人展 —— 《入畫:風、柔軟和速度》(Settle : wind, tender and speed),以探討時間是人所虛構為題,結合空間的特殊設計及音樂,達致空靈以便進入”入畫”狀態。展館分為”風”、”柔軟”和”速度”三個區域,呈現三種時間的本質及階段;結合西方哲學、"幽玄"日本美學及"留白"中式美學,以樹脂resin art作為主要媒介。啟發參觀者對時間真實性的反思及探索,以至對人生的看法有所改變。

"settle"、"wind"、"Tender" and "Speed" are the calligraphy titles by Japanese calligrapher - Youna Matsushita 
"入畫"、”風”、”柔軟”和”速度”由日本當代書法家 - "松下夕那" 為展覽題字
Wind 80cm dia.1.JPG
Wind 80cm dia.3.jpg
Wind 80cm dia.2.JPG
3 master pieces on "wind" zone
1940mm x 1800mm.jpg
《第一日》"The first morning"    2023    Resin on wood    1940mm x 1800mm 
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